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Disco Puragua

Audio Medicine Disc Production – Puragua

Recording-Editing-Sound design -Binaural Mix -Musical Production

Disc recording in external locations:  (Waikiki, Montseny, Montserrat, Tarragona),  Sound design of soundscapes between songs. Editing and cleaning of recorded material, electronic music production, foley Artist, Fx Design  and Binaural mix. It has been a challenge both in sound and sound design, since the artist wanted to capture a journey through the 4 elements. A woman in the first person who, according to the element, discovers in each place the 4 women who live in it . It is a binaural mixed sound story in which we will make a sensory journey with both the soundscape and the songs. For the last song the artist asked me for a composition that had all 4 elements condensed.  The proposal was to take the discards from the field recordings, along with a rap written by a school boy «Escuela de vida», a heart, the sea and more sonic sound fx fused together, all accompanied by an electronic atmosphere to create the closure theme for the album .

Each vocal and musical creation is unique, like life, unrepeatable. The VOICE, Shakti, my piano and my harp accompany me on this sound journey. As a sound medicine researcher, I have developed a human and animal vocal method, Cyclic Voice, investigating its effect on the body with scientists. Also learning from ancestral cultures, the basis of natural wisdom, the backbone. Specifically the Hawaiian Aboriginal philosophy and Samurai martial art of Japan, art of peace 合 気 道 by Morihei Ueshiba. Related to water, body and sound. Water is life and receives sound, PurAgua album 2020.

It will be a pleasure to sail with your voice, Welcome to La Mar!


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