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cortometraje «Origens»

Short Film – Origens

Edición-Diseño sonoro-Diseño FX de sonido-Mezcla Binaural

For this production, I had to create 2 very different atmospheres so that we would notice the temporary jump, but they had to maintain a connection since the jump in time is about 25 years. I had to create all the futuristic sound fx and design some solar storms that should be the link between the protagonists.

This short, recorded in Catalan and subtitled in English, will be presented in different international competitions, is directed by the people of Lleida, Oscar Burgos and Víctor Masip. “Orígens” has an outstanding cast of actors led by Aida Flix and Tony Corvillo, Edgar Moreno, Mariona Casanovas, as well as different secondary actors and a large participation of residents of this Garriguenca population playing the role of extras. As for the plot, this short film presents us with two dramatic stories and conversations that cross in time, thanks to the intervention of an old radio device. On the one hand, the drama of Pol, who after making a serious mistake, is forced to return to his childhood town to take refuge from the pressure of a case in which he is involved, as a result of which his wife is about to have a daughter. On the other hand, Paula manages to find her father, but it is too late, because he no longer recognises her and suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. Paula decides to admit her father to a residence and visit the house where her father had lived all her life to close it.