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Focus & Lux

Bso – Ttheater show and juggling – Focus&Lux

Composition-Recording-Fx Design-Sound Design-Mix

This work was a whole new experince for me since all productions had to be subject to the timining of juggling and choreography of the show. It is the journey of humanity from the beginning of everything to the present day counted through each number. In the composition there are 2 parts differentiated by elements of fire or light in which we can hear the recreation of the Big Bang, sounds of radio telescopes capturing nebulae, planets, asteroids, quasars, sounds of fire, mistresses, motors, speeches by Einstein, Edison , Stephen Hawking, the moon landing, Neil Amstrong … all this within an electronic music set

Composition of the soundtrack of the show Focus & Lux by Descuido Producciones takes the risk of bringing to the Spanish scene a new format of street performance in which not only multidisciplinary languages ​​are combined (dance, video art, circus, theater) with music, but also latest technologies applied to circus material and interactive software.

Big Bang

Los esbirros del fuego

Cariocas de Fuego

Diabolo de fuego

Mazas de fuego

Cubo de fuego

Breakers de Luz

Bolas de luz

Cariocas de luz

Mazas de Luz